09/21/2020/ wouldn't you like to be a pepper, too?

yayyyyy i can't see very well today, so.
but i was homerow-trained in typing class, so i can still see well enough to type lovely words for you to eat.
alllll the pills i have to take, deng! i am on a fistful, every night, then one with every meal, then one every other day.... i should take half of my fistful in the morning, but i never remember them! so. night pills. THE PILLS OF THE NIGHT.
i think (i thiiiiink) my peritonitis treatments will be over by friday, and if they did not work (thereby removing the infection from my belly) i will have to go a-hospitaling, get my peritoneal catheter removed, and start hemodialysis... which is in-center, is about three to four days a week, and takes all the energy and life out of a person. most people that i see coming to the dialysis center are in wheelchairs. all of them are old. i am just 37-about-to-be-8. siiiiiiiigh. pity me, indeed, do!
no, don't pity me, i am living every day like i might not have a tomorrow, so. this is not to say that i am having adventures or lots of sex or being the best me. nope. but uhhh... i am working my ass off every day for mum, and occasionally working on that doll. consarn it, i need to finish her before i go enTIREly blind!
oooh nobody i know comes to this journal, so let me talk about this specific doll here!
her name is serenity rose, and she is the MUCH BELOVED character of a good friend of mine that i hardly ever even talk to anymore ( D:), aaron alexovich. he is super fun and nice as all get out and i fell in love with him a long time ago but that's another story.
so, since aaron is so awesome, and i completely adore serenity rose (she is a comic book character, and this comic is something i REALLY identify with, on a major level.) i decided to start building a ball-jointed doll of her. three years ago. she is of a nice size, about 45 cm tall, and i LOVE HER FACE. her head is mostly finished, her body is getting there. you'd think, that in three years, i could have done more work on her. but noooooooo i am entirely nonproductive. booh.
i will work on her more this afternoon! i will make her legs fully jointed today! YES!
(this is me, giving myself a pep talk. pep!)

12:12 p.m.

hi andrew i still luv u