10/21/2020/ lying awake in my hospital room

warrrrrrg welp, i am back from the hospital. (for about a week and a half now.) am also on a three-week course of doubledogdare antibiotics. whooo. they exhaust me and make me feel just lousy... but this is to be expected of antibitiotics. hooray!
i am growing ever closer to finishing my doll though. hmmmm. she looks so grand, i am so excited. would you like to see? it seems as though i have not worked on her at all, you say. not at all! but NO. i have worked hard on her legs and hips and other sundries. terrible little joints and all. phoo. it takes a bunch of work, i tell you.
now... to go work on her more.

4:14 p.m.

hi andrew i still luv u